A custom Intranet or Extranet can help your business streamline its processes, provide for information dissemination to your members or clients, and enhance  communication processes. The result is better relationships with your customers, employees and business partners. 

We can build an intranet (or extranet) for your business or organization incorporating a number of different web applications, including up to the minute mission critical information via database entries, file downloads for sharing among members or employees and a host of other vital information you want to share with your group. 

It is interesting to note that in nearly all cases, intra/extranets will contain more files and information than a company's "public" web site. You can view more information on our two case studies below by visiting our Portfolio.

Oberweis Dairy has been producing 'Simply the Best' milk and super-premium ice cream for nearly a century. In addition to developing their "public" web site, we have also created their intranet site, used by all of their employees every day to communicate up to the minute information... current weather conditions, truck and route delivery status, customer information, and marketing programs within each geographic area.

Various departments have administrative access to their sections to update the information in a user-friendly database environment. In addition, all employees have access to on-line forms for all of their benefit programs plus Adobe PDF versions of all virtually all of the paper-based forms they use.

BAB, Inc. franchises and licenses the Big Apple Bagels®, My Favorite Muffin®, and Brewster's Coffee® brands throughout the U.S. and internationally. In addition to developing their "public" website, we have also created their private franchisee intranet for access by their franchisees in the U.S., South America, Egypt, and U.A.E.

Their site has become a major vehicle in day to day communications with their franchisees and provides specific areas for fast and easy file downloads, an on-line ordering system, and customizable marketing materials.