On-line web sales continue to increase year after year. We can help you establish your e-store to sell your products on-line. We currently offer two different systems for e-commerce, both of which provide a variety of easy-to-use maintenance systems:

Rich Media's "Just Add Commerce" system where all sales data, etc. is maintained on their secure server, saving you the cost for your own security certificate.

LaGarde's "StoreFront" system, which is a more "feature-rich" e-commerce environment. Either way, we can get your on-line store set-up quickly and easily.


BAB, Inc., the parent of the Big Apple Bagels®, My Favorite Muffin®, and Brewster's Coffee® stores throughout the U.S. (and internationally) wanted to offer their unique line of muffin gift baskets, gourmet coffee beans and proprietary merchandise on-line.

Customers are able to securely order on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an easy-to-use interface and secure shopping cart from the "Just Add Commerce" system. After the customer's final check-out, an e-mail is generated to inform the client of the order and they log-on to a secure server to retrieve and process the order.