Integrating database information into your web site can allow visitors to search for specific data within your site, register for meeting attendance, or easily maintain the information in your intra or extranet.

The Illinois Video Education Network (IVEN) is a two-way, interactive video network established through a joint initiative of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board. IVEN is built upon the foundation of ten regional video networks that include public and private universities and colleges; community colleges; secondary schools; health care facilities; and a few business locations.

This education-based web site incorporates a database of current participating locations within their video network, allowing site visitors to locate the facility closest to them. The database is searchable by telephone area code, city, site location, and consortium. Search results provide location and contact information.

The Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) is an international society, which serves more than 3,900 financial and technical members in the hospitality industry. Their site includes an on-line RSVP form for members to register for attending their educational meetings and business seminars. 

Once a member has submitted their information, they are automatically sent a confirmation e-mail containing with all of the pertinent information for the meeting. Organization officers can check member registration by accessing their on-line database.