This section of our web site covers a number of tips and tricks to maximize your internet experience. We update our site frequently, so check back often! If you have a specific question or tip you would like to share, please feel free to Contact Us.

Graphics and photos on the internet don't look good. What monitor settings should I use?

For the best visual experience on the web, your computer monitor should be set for any "True Color" or "High Color" setting. If your monitor is set to '256 Colors' (the original default setting), you will only see 216 actual colors. Since photos and many images are made up of millions of colors, the missing color hues will appear as a series of dots on your screen. To set your monitor, click on Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display. Click on the 'Settings' tab and click on the drop down box in the Color Palette area. Click on any True or High Color setting, then click "OK". Your computer may require that you restart your computer for the settings to take affect. After setting up your monitor to high or true colors, you'll be amazed with the difference!

I use AOL, but images and photos don't look good in the AOL browser. How come?

First, be sure your monitor is set to a high color or true color setting. AOL's default browser settings compress images to speed loading. Most images used on the web are already compressed so additional compressing leads to images that appear out of focus. To set the AOL browser so that it doesn't compress images, choose My AOL, Preferences, WWW. Click on the Web Graphics tab. Uncheck the "Use compressed graphics" box, then click "OK"

I see 'gray boxes' or get a message 'Your browser does not support Java applets'. What do I do?

Your browser is not set to support Java. Change the settings as follows:

For AOL, click My AOL, Preferences, WWW. Click on the Security tab and check the box marked 'Enable Java Programs', then click OK.

For Internet Explorer 3.0, Click View, Options, then the Security Tab and check the box marked 'Enable Java Programs' and click OK.

For Netscape Navigator, Click Edit, Preferences, check Enable Java and Enable Java Script boxes, then click OK.

How do I save the places I've been to on the web so I can get back to them again?

Browsers provide you with a capacity to save the location of a web page. For AOL, click on the heart icon in the upper right portion of the browser to add it to your "Favorite Places". To access the page in the future, click on the "Favorite Places" icon and highlight the page you want to view. For Internet Explorer, click on "Favorites", then "Add to Favorites" and give the page a name you'll remember, then click OK. For Netscape, click "Bookmarks" then "Add Bookmark".

How do I 'right-click' on a Mac computer?

Press and hold your mouse button. The 'right click' menu will show up and you can select your option.

My downloaded files aren't checked for viruses.

Most likely, your anti-virus software was installed before your browser. Re-install your anti-virus software and it will recognize the web browser and set-up to provide anti-virus protection on the web.

How do I 'cut and paste'?

You can cut and paste between your web browser and other computer applications. Use your mouse to highlight the item(s) you wish to copy, then hold the CTRL key down and hit C (Mac users hit Command and C). This copies the information to your clipboard. To paste in another application, hold the CTRL key and press V (Mac Command and V). This will paste the copied information into your other application.