E-Mail Set-up | Send/Receive E-mail

E-mail Set-up Instructions

The first time you start Outlook or Outlook Express, you will be presented with a "Wizard" that will guide you through the set-up process. 

If the Outlook program has been used before on your computer, start Outlook and then select Tools and Accounts from the drop down list. In the dialog box, select the "Add" button and then choose "Mail...". The "Wizard" will appear.

Step 1 is to enter your name. This is how your name will appear after your e-mail address in parenthesis. 

For example, johnsmith@mycompany.com (John Smith) will then appear in the "from" field of your e-mail. Then click "Next".

Step 2 Enter your actual e-mail address. For example, "johnsmith@mycompany.com". Then click "Next".

Step 3 Enter the POP mail server information. This is provided by your web and e-mail hosting service. Be sure to use the information that was e-mailed to you, not the information below. In the example, the Incoming mail server is mail.mycompany.com and the outgoing mail server is mail.mycompany.com. Then click "Next".

Step 4 Enter your e-mail account name. In most cases this will be the portion of your e-mail address that appears before the "@" symbol. 

For Wauknet (Comstar, LLC) Users:  it is your full e-mail address, including the @ and your domain name. Enter your Password. (Select the remember password box only if you do not want to supply it each time you send/receive your e-mail.)

Step 5 Enter the method you will use to access your e-mail:

  • If you have a dial-up account with your ISP, choose "Connect using my phone line". When you choose to send/receive your e-mail (see below), it will automatically dial and connect you to the mail server. People who are accessing their e-mail through a different manner (i.e., connecting through AOL) should NOT select this option. Then click "Next".
  • If you are networked and have a DSL or similar connection, choose "Connect using my local area network".  Then click "Next".
  • If you are connecting manually to the Internet (i.e., connecting through AOL to check your e-mail), select the "I will establish my Internet connection manually" option. Then click "Next".

Step 6 Click "Finish" to complete the e-mail set-up.

To Send/Receive E-mail

You can write your e-mail while "off line". To send/receive your e-mail, click the "Send/Receive" button shown below. Note: For users who selected  "I will establish my Internet connection manually", sign-on to your internet service before clicking the "Send/Receive" button.