A more enhanced version of our basic presence designed to provide significantly more information to potential site visitors and to allow separate contact pages for different customer needs. The information submitted by visitors is sent to both your e-mail and to a ASCII text file (stored on the server) which can then be imported into any database or mailing list program - a great way to generate business leads or to add members to your organization! 

This style of web site is probably the most common type to be found on the Internet. Affordably priced at $2,999.

  • If required, registration of your own domain name (www.yourname.com,  www.yourname.org or www.yourname.net) for first year.
  • A home page that fits your organization's image and needs.
  • Home page 'hit counter', telling you how many people have visited your web site from its first day of operation. Your hit counter can be set to be visible or 'hidden' on the page.
  • Insertion of keywords and your site description in META header tags for search engine robots. (Submission to search engines incur additional costs.)
  • One animated graphic highlighting your company or organization's marketing theme.
  • Up to 12 regular web pages (in addition to your home page), describing your company's goods and services.
  • Two form-style reply web pages for basic contact information sent to your existing e-mail account and ASCII text files for importing into any database or mail list program.
  • Up to 1 photo scan per web page, for a total of 15 photos within your site.
  • Up to 3 header, navigation, and customized graphics per page for a total of 45 graphics within your site.