This package is designed for businesses who have a mid-sized catalog of merchandise (45-60 items) to enable them to conduct Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) over the Internet. 

We use the StoreFront e-commerce system (from LaGarde) which utilizes an Access database allowing you to easily maintain your own web store once it's set-up. Packed full of features that make e-business a breeze. Using the system, customers can order on-line then you'll receive an e-mail to pick-up your order information. 

In addition, there is a basic form submittal page to handle general inquiries and contacts. Affordably priced at $6,499.

  • If required, registration of your own domain name (, or and purchase of security certificate for you web site for first year.
  • A home page that fits your organization's image and needs.
  • Home page 'hit counter', telling you how many people have visited your web site from its first day of operation. Your hit counter can be set to be visible or 'hidden' on the page.
  • Insertion of keywords and your site description in META header tags for search engine robots. (Submission to search engines incur additional costs.)
  • One animated graphic highlighting your company or organization's marketing theme.
  • Up to 3 basic web pages (in addition to your home page) describing your company's services.
  • Up to 19 shopping web pages to handle 45-60 items for sale. 
  • One form-style reply web pages for basic contact information sent to your e-mail account and ASCII text files for importing into any database or mail list program.
  • Up to 3 photo scan per web page, for a total of 72 photos within your site.
  • Up to 5 header, navigation, and customized graphics per page for a total of 120 graphics within your site.