Our opt-in E-Mail Subscription services enable you to inexpensively collect and send targeted e-mail messages to your target markets or newsletters to your organization members. E-mail addresses are collected through your Web site by an opt-in subscription form and stored for later use. We can also import e-mail address lists that you may have collected on your own.

We will help you craft compelling e-mail messages and newsletters that target your specific audience and most importantly, drive recipients to visit your Web site.

You should note that opt-in e-mail subscription programs differ significantly from the unpopular e-mail referred to as "spam". "Spam" is unsolicited e-mail sent to literally thousands of recipients from lists of e-mail addresses gathered via the Internet. Opt-in e-mail (which also provide must provide a method to "opt-out") is directed to individuals who have chosen to become a subscriber to your e-mail campaign. We will not permit our e-mail subscription program to generate "spam" to non-subscribed recipients.