Aren't the Internet and the World Wide Web the same thing? 

No, although many people use the words interchangeably, they aren't. The Internet is a worldwide network that links various computers together while the World Wide Web is only the portion of of the Internet that uses the hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) method for communication.

Where do I start?

The easiest method is to download and print our FREE Web Site Planning Kit. This kit will ask some key questions and provide some structure to your planning process.

How involved do I need to be in developing my web site?

While we welcome your direct involvement, the amount of time you spend is totally up to you. Our Six Step Development Process starts with a discussion to determine the specific needs, information and materials you want included in your web site. You will need to provide us with the actual written material you want included in your site. If photos are to be included, you will also need to provide us with these. We will design the ‘look and feel‘ of you site based on the esthetics of your current printed marketing and informational material. We initially construct your site from within our own web site or on your own. In either case, we provide you with the internet address you can use to access the site while it is under construction. This allows you to view our ‘work in progress’ whenever you want to but does not permit casual web browsers to find your site while it is under construction.

What is the average turnaround time for a web site?

That will depend much on you – how quick you review the materials we submit for your approval and how quick you provide us with the information we need to construct your site. A turnaround time of 30-45 days from the time you tell us to move forward could probably be considered as the average.

What about all the "bells and whistles" I see on some web sites?

We can add all the ‘bells and whistles’ you want! But first, a word of caution is appropriate. You must first decide who will be the primary visitor to your web site and whether they will access it from home or work. While most companies maintain a ‘cutting edge’ approach to the Internet and have a fast Internet connection, many home users do not. If your primary visitor will be a home user accessing the web through America On Line, over 25% of those users will not be able see or use many of these ‘cutting edge’ items. Since the primary user for most of the web sites we design are generally home based, we use a conservative approach to our site design to allow virtually 99% of all users to functionally use the site.

What is a web site host?

A web site host is the world wide web server where your web site is stored and accessed by other people. Some web site hosts also provide access to the world wide web and are called internet service providers (ISPs). If your web site host does not provide you with internet service, you will also need an ISP, such as America On Line or other access method. We have hosting partners who will host your site economically. does not host web sites.

There's an internet term I heard, but don't know what it means. How can I find a definition?

We suggest that you visit the Internet Literacy Glossary. They have a very comprehensive list of terms.

I've got a question not covered here. What do I do?

If you cannot find the information you want, we will be happy to answer your questions via e-mail or on the phone. Simply enter your question in the "other comments,  information or questions" space provided near the bottom of our Contact Us form and we will respond with an answer within 24 hours.