If you already have a web site but don't feel it accurately reflects the image you wish to portray or is not meeting your performance expectations, we will evaluate all components of your existing site from design, architecture, and content perspectives.

During that evaluation phase, we will ask you the right key questions to determine what your overall goals are as well as why you feel you aren't currently achieving them.

Our recommendations will help refocus your web site's mission, identify any underlying problems (and provide you with the necessary strategies to fix them), and provide overall marketing tactics to meet your web site performance expectations.

Then, working with your team members, we will execute our Six Step Process to ensure the success of your re-design project. Throughout the development process, you and the members of your team are encouraged to review the site frequently while it is under construction. Your feedback and comments are incorporated immediately and your timely review is absolutely critical to maintain the schedule we will mutually establish.