Our approach to web site design focuses first on it's functionality -- to deliver information quickly and efficiently with an easy to follow navigation system -- and then on appearance. 

Our objective is to design web sites with intuitive navigation and aesthetic page layout -- generally using a minimalist approach with plenty of white space and quick-loading images. If you currently have your own image, we will design you site to match the "look and feel" of your image. Additionally, our sites also scale well over time to allow for growth and are easy to manage.

Since the Internet is a constantly evolving communications medium, we continually researches browser usage, screen resolutions, connection speeds, and other important factors as they apply to web site design. If your site will be targeted toward businesses that tend to have higher speed connections, graphics and images can be liberally be incorporated. However, if your target will be home users, graphics and images should be minimized to prevent slow download times for your pages.

Our Six Step Process will ensure that all the critical steps for developing your web site are well managed on a timely basis.

If you have an existing web site but feel it is "under performing", we will evaluate your existing site and make recommendations for improvement.

Add multimedia components, such as movies, sound, dynamic HTML, and animated GIF's, to bring life to your web site.

Establishing your own web site may seem like an overwhelming  task, but our Web Site Planning Kit will help simply the process.